Top 5 Materials for Installing Herringbone Tiles

Top 5 Materials for Installing Herringbone Tiles

There are traditional and non-traditional techniques for flooring buildings and installing different materials. The non-traditional flooring installation method is known as Parquetry. And it is capable of creating particular interest and unique dimensions in a way that does not distract from other design aspects in the space. The herringbone tiles pattern has a long and rich history, but it has become one of the most prominent choices. 

This article focuses on some materials that could be made into the herringbone pattern. But first, we need to describe what the herringbone tiles pattern really is and its unique features.

What are Herringbone Tiles?

The name herringbone was derived from the arrangement of the bones of a particular fish known as the herring. The dynamics of these fish bones, with their captivating feature, add to the fish’s lifestyle. And as for home interior design, this pattern is fascinating to behold in its zig-zag form. It may look like the chevron when installing these tiles on the floor, but there are still stark differences. 

Herringbone tiles patterns were first used during the Roman Empire as one of the prominent flooring patterns on the stone. Afterward, it became more famous for interior design, and designers can now adapt it to many variations. Meanwhile, the stone material was in use well until the 1700s. By then, the designers started replicating the pattern for smaller tiles throughout the entire European region before it got to Australia, and the rest was history. 

Materials for Herringbone Tiles Layout

As we consider the application of herringbone tiles for Parquetry, we need to discuss some of the materials that could work for this pattern. Some of the options we will be discussing include solid wood, prefinished wood, unfinished hardwood, strand-woven bamboo, natural stone, luxury vinyl, and of course, ceramic tile. 

  1. Prefinished Hardwood

The prefinished hardwood can come as solid planks or engineered planks that have been partially processed before being brought to the site. Frequently, they are also pre-sanded and finished in the factory. At the same time, the flooring process into the herringbone pattern that involves this material is more affordable than other processes involving wood. 

Although, the reason is that part of the process has been done in the preliminary stages. However, it can be more expensive than synthetic materials like laminated wood or vinyl. The truth is that the many wooden materials you see out there are made from prefinished wood. That is why many people like to refer to it as natural wood. 

Moreover, it can also come with a wide range of species and grain levels with finishes. It can also be installed with a glue-down method where you first apply an adhesive below each tile to hold them in place. After laying all the tiles, you can use the grout when done. This technique makes it easier to achieve the desired herringbone pattern. 

  1. Unfinished Hardwood

Suppose you choose to keep a traditional theme in your home connected to ancestral richness. In that case, you should consider unfinished hardwood. This material is well usable for the herringbone pattern in place of the tiles. And with this kind of flooring, solid wood can work perfectly into planks, and then you can smoothen the surface. 

Alternatively, you can apply the sanding process to the unfinished wood while finishing the process on-site after the installation. Also, unfinished hardwood, in general, can become the most expensive option, especially when you factor in the installation costs. This installation process sometimes requires hiring a professional to handle the job. Learn more about herringbone pattern and layout. 

Apart from the installation cost, it could also be a complex material to use, which is another reason you need a wood expert. One benefit of using this material is that you can refinish the solid material a couple of times. And with the right level of maintenance, this material can last for over seven decades. 

  1. Strand-woven Bamboo Material

Bamboo is another fantastic material that can be worked into a herringbone pattern in place of the floor tiles. The bamboo is gotten from the treelike plants, but it is not technically solid wood. However, apart from its hollowness, it has many attributes that make it workable in place of solid wood or tiles. 

When designers make out the desired shapes from these bamboo materials like hardwood, they can be arranged accordingly, starting from the correct position. The strand-woven bamboo material for herringbone tiles became prominent in 2007 when the other raw materials became scarce. It also allows the designers to process bare beams into a cross-linked pattern. 

After then, you can press the dry fibers into nice-looking planks. This eco-friendly flooring material also becomes very durable and resistant to moisture and insect infestation if dry. It is also very much affordable for flooring homes than hardwood. 

  1. Luxury Vinyl Material 

The luxury vinyl material is one of the excellent choices for those who can afford a reasonable budget. It is also a top synthetic material that is different from the others from natural sources. This floor cover product is 100% plastic material and comes in either tile as LVT or planks as LVP. At the same time, its textured surface has shown how natural this material can be to replace the genuine herringbone tiles. 

Some of these differences can only be spotted when the material is brought under photographic imaging. Also, when you use small planks to mimic the natural wood or herringbone tiles, they can well resemble various stone types. Therefore, the luxury vinyl continued to gain the attention of stakeholders and designers. Get about herringbone tile designer visit:

  1. Natural Stone or Porcelain Tile 

The natural stone and the porcelain tiles are the most suitable material for setting the herringbone pattern. Meanwhile, these two materials are beneficial for designing your kitchen floor and bathrooms. In addition, you can install them as your backsplash, shower walls, and other home accents to create beauty. 

Some of the other related materials in this category include glazed porcelain, slate, sandstone, limestone, onyx, quartz, and of course, marble. These materials work perfectly for the herringbone tile floor mainly because they are sourced from the earth. But they still fall on the relatively costlier side of estimates. Meanwhile, you will only need to cover the desired space, no matter how small. 

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Why are Herringbone Tiles Better Than Chevron Tiles?

Why are Herringbone Tiles Better Than Chevron Tiles?

Herringbone tile patterns and chevron tile patterns have often confused people because of their similar stylish zig-zag designs. It can be tricky to know which strategy to use or go for without considering their distinctions. Honestly, if you take more time to check these two patterns properly, you will select the one that is best for your remodeling project. 

I hope this write-up will help contractors and well-trained tilers know the best pattern to select for their clients. Hence, as you read each word of this page, I will advise you to pay rapt attention as we will look deeply into the difference between the herringbone tiles and chevron patterns. 

You may be wondering the reason why you need to know their uniqueness. The two patterns are well-known worldwide, but research has shown that one is better than the other. This article will help you as a contractor to know the uniqueness and the similarities in the two patterns. 

However, there’s a piece of good news, and the good news is that both zig-zag patterns are fashionable. In other words, you are still in line if you choose to lay your tiles either in herringbone tile pattern or chevron tile pattern.

Folks! I want to tell you that even though the two patterns are good, one will outshine others in uniqueness and other factors. Lucky for both of us, the misperception ends here. We will dig deep into the differentiating elements between the herringbone tiles pattern and chevron tiles design. OK! How do we go about that? 

What is the herringbone tiles pattern?

Herringbone is a pattern made up of equal size, rectangular pieces arranged in a staggered zig-zag pattern. The discrete specificity of herringbone is that one rectangle is cut accurately so that the end of one plank encounters the side of the other.

Therefore, the herringbone tiles pattern breaks down or cuts tiles into rectangular pieces and is arranged in a staggered zig-zag pattern. The tile is cut perfectly to fit into one another. This installation technique creates a lovely broken zig-zag design for floors and walls in homes and industries. 

Practically, tiles like ceramics tiles, granite tiles, glass tiles, and marble tiles form this unique herringbone tiles pattern. To create a herringbone tile pattern, you will need a tile cutter, notched trowel, tape measure, eye protection, dust mask, pencil or dry wipe marker, 1.5mm tile spacers, spirit level, grout float, grout profiler, and sponge. Laying out herringbone floor tiles is a bit easier as you won’t have gravity to contend with. In other words, installing herringbone floor tiles is more accessible than laying out herringbone wall tiles.

Herringbone tiles pattern is acceptable based on research, and there is no limitation to where to install it. You can install it on both walls and floors in homes and offices.

What is a chevron tiles pattern?

Chevron is an upturned V pattern. In designing tiles in a chevron pattern, each side must meet at the point without interruption, and then it will result in a seamless zig-zag way that is popular for bathroom tiling, kitchen tiling, and bedroom tiling. 

Chevron tiles are a unique way to add depth to a patterned tile wall or floor installation. Chevron tiles’ patterns are catchy and appealing, and they can be used as a minimalist element of your interior.

This lovely pattern is created from any tile like ceramics tiles, granite tiles, marble tiles, and so on. Chevron tiles are also acceptable based on research, and there is no restriction to where they can be laid. It is a valuable pattern that one can use in both residential and industrial areas.

You may likely need the same tools and materials for both Chevron and herringbone tiles patterns. Hence, to create a chevron tiles pattern, you will need a tile cutter, a mastic, a spirit level, a tape measure, eye protection, tile spacers, trowel, and marker, and so on.

Why do you need to choose herringbone tiles pattern over chevron tiles pattern?

  1. Herringbone tiles pattern offers unresolved confrontation to water than chevron tiles pattern. The strict measurement in laying out herringbone tiles gives it gives no space for water to penetrate. This unique pattern is preferably suited to use in wet areas like the bathroom and sometimes the kitchen, unlike the chevron tiles pattern, which the V shape of installing it might give a little space for water to penetrate. 

Therefore, the herringbone tiles pattern is the most suitable pattern for installing tiles in water areas to rightly protect the walls and floors.

  1. Chevron tiles’ pattern is durable, but you can’t compare its durability with the herringbone tiles’ design. Although they both have a hard surface that will stand up to daily wear and tear with comfort, research has shown that their length of durability differs. The coordination of the rectangular pieces in installing a herringbone tiles pattern makes it more durable than that chevron.
  2. Herringbone tiles display more stylishness than chevron tiles. With herringbone tiles on your wall or floor, you can enjoy well-appointed aesthetics with token maintenance.
  3. Herringbone tiles don’t require any superior treatment other than a systematic rub over with warm water and a standard cleaning agent. 
  4. Herringbone tiles pattern has countless ideas than chevron. There are numerous ways of bringing herringbone tiles to your project.
  5. It is only herringbone tiles pattern that can add a character and curiosity to space.
  6. It is possible to have an eye-catching herringbone tiles pattern because of the unique style of installing it.


The similarities between the herringbone tile and chevron pattern are not as much as the difference in their uniqueness. Like I said earlier, the herringbone pattern has a different pattern idea and is both designed in a zig-zag way. Therefore, I implore you to consider the use of herringbone tiles pattern for your project. 

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How To Become Herringbone Tile Designer In Australia

How To Become Herringbone Tile Designer In Australia

Tiling requires strength, and it’s a physically demanding job. It involves power because it has to do with lifting and working with your hands. With that said, a high level of psychical fitness is needed. Not only that, for you to be a professional tiler, you also need a thorough understanding, good measurement skills, and mathematical skills. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. visit to know more about Herringbone Tile Designer in Australia.

Also, you might be wondering if you need to do extra pieces of training to be a professional herringbone tile designer. Although it is easy to install, it can only be an easy task for people who have taken more time to look into it deeply. However, Australia is a place where people love to use this herringbone tiles pattern because of its uniqueness. Therefore, learning how to install herringbone tiles patterns cannot be a waste. 

Based on research, Australians are looking for creative people that can invent something. Also, the herringbone tiles pattern is a unique style that virtually everyone would love to see in their homes.

Briefly, what is the meaning of herringbone? Herringbone patterns consist of an arrangement of rectangles or parallelograms in a repetitive way. However, the laying of herringbone tiles on the wall has been a severe issue for beginners and professional tilers because of its uniqueness and application style.

Therefore, I want to implore you to read this article carefully. Here, we will give you the details on how you can be a professional herringbone tile designer. Before I jump into details, let me highlight the benefits of becoming a herringbone tile designer.

  • You will be able to join the league of professional tilers in Australia.
  • Understand what makes the herringbone tile pattern to be different from other designs.
  • You will be able to install a herringbone tile pattern on your own.

Here is the story! I said earlier that tiling requires physical fitness, and not only that, it also requires some skills to achieve great success. Let’s ride! Are you willing to know the skills you must possess before becoming a professional herringbone tile designer? 


Below are the skills one need to possess to become a professional herringbone tile pattern designer:

  • Attention to detail
  • Eye for style and design
  • Physical strength
  • Mathematical skills
  • Creative skills

Here are the details:

  • Attention to detail: Before you can be a professional tiler specializing in herringbone tiles patterns, you must ensure that you are willing and ready to pay rapt attention to further information about the project. Often, some tilers failed in installing an outstanding herringbone tiles pattern because they cannot process or communicate with their clients properly. What are we saying in essence? 

The success behind installing a distinctive herringbone tiles pattern starts from knowing what the clients want. A tiler can misquote the client, and this will affect the quality of his job.

  • Eye for style and design: This skill is a background knowledge to become a professional tiler. To show your client that you are exceptional, you must possess an eye for style design. The process of installing an eye-catching herringbone tiles pattern starts from what you see with your eyes and then processes it with your brain to bring out a meaningful service. Hence, this attribute is highly essential.
  • Physical strength: Generally, tilers are people that are physically fit. Tiling requires a lot of energy. It involves carrying heavy objects like a tile cutter, tiles themselves, and every other material. However, the herringbone tiles pattern also requires strength because it does take a lot of time. Remember, the herringbone tiles pattern requires cutting tiles into rectangular pieces before laying them on the wall or floor.
  • Mathematical skills: You can’t be a tiler if you don’t have a good background in mathematics. Tiling involves calculation in knowing the number of tiles to be used in a particular place. It is usually measured in square meters. Thus, in installing a herringbone tiles pattern, your mathematical skills need to be sharp. How do I mean? 

Herringbone tiles pattern involves some certain level of degrees in installing them. For instance, you need to know how to use a set square at a 45-degree level to place your first tile at the intermediate point in installing a herringbone tile pattern. In addition, the second tile must be laid at a 90-degree level to the first one. Therefore, it’s a call for mathematical strength.

  • Creative skills: Herringbone tile pattern cannot be achieved without being creative. For instance, your creativity will work when you need to cut until you fit an edge or a tap hole. A man that is not creative enough can do all other jobs but not tiling. As a tiler in the making, it is expedient for you to be more creative than ever before.

Now, what are the materials and tools needed to become a professional herringbone tiles designer?

There’s no gainsaying about the fact that you’ll be needing the same tools and materials for other designs to install herringbone tiles pattern.  Below here are some materials you will need

  • A tile cutter
  • A trowel
  • A tile mastic
  • A spirit level
  • Set of square
  • Dust mask
  • Safety glasses
  • Sponge
  • Water

Then, what next? 

It would be best if you moved closer to professional tilers in Australia to put you through the practical aspect of installing herringbone wall tiles, herringbone floor tiles, and other designs that are coined and derived from herringbone. Countless professional tilers in Australia will expand your knowledge with their years of experience. Some of them are: 

  • Hammer and hoe property maintenance
  • Complete Creative Constructions
  • Rc Professional Tiling
  • Just Tile It
  • Sk Landscapes
  • Pacific Building Services Ltd
  • Mbs Home Improvement and Repairs
  • Italia Ceramics
  • Tas Handyman and many more.

Finally, nothing can stop you from achieving that wonderful dream of being a professional herringbone tile designer. We highlighted five basic skills/attributes you must possess to become a well-known herringbone tile designer in Australia.

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Herringbone Tile Pattern Professionals In Australia

Herringbone Tile Pattern Professionals In Australia

The history of the herringbone pattern is trace back to the intricate jewelry of the Ancient Egyptian elite in fabric originating in Ancient Italy. In Rome, the herringbone was used for the first time in the road paving system to create durable and stable thoroughfares. This unique pattern was named after it resembled the skeleton of a fish called herring. Click here to learn more about Herringbone Tile Pattern.

Herringbone pattern consists of an arrangement of rectangles or parallelograms in a repetitive pattern. Ever since then, the herringbone pattern is commonly utilized in countless industries and applications. People started thinking about utilizing this unique pattern apart from what it was known for since its inception. 

Today, the herringbone pattern is in wallpaper, fabrics (cloth-making and decorative pattern), mosaic, shoe tread, sculpture, jewelry herringbone gears, herringbone tiles, and many more. 

However, herringbone tile flooring is often used to bring a sophisticated feel to space. Because of this, almost every country in the world embraced utilizing this unique pattern to design interior and exterior floors and walls for residents and industries. Laying herringbone tiles on walls and floors can be challenging, and the best way to go about it is to employ an expert. 

The herringbone tile pattern is a modern way of installing tiles in homes and industries. It must be carefully laid to maintain the look and integrity of the pattern.

Are you in Australia? And you are contemplating how to lay a herringbone tile pattern on your walls and floors? There’s absolutely nothing to worry about. We are here to provide you with the top 13 tilings professional based in Australia to help you lay an eye-catching herringbone tiles pattern.  

Here are the top 13 professional tillers that can create herringbone tiles in Australia.

  1. COMPLETE CREATIVE CONSTRUCTIONS: This tiling company is based in Australia. Complete Creative Constructions believe in doing a thorough job, and they don’t take a shortcut to try to make a profit. They have years of experience in installing herringbone tiles pattern. Client’s satisfaction is their watchword. 
  2. HAMMER AND HOE PROPERTY MAINTENANCE AND GARDENING: This Company specializes in creating outstanding interior and exterior decoration. They are located at Noosaville, Australia. They are professional in rendering unique tiling services, including herringbone tile design.
  3. RC PROFESSIONAL TILING: This Company is a renowned tiling company in Melbourne that provides quality floor and wall tiling. They have more than 20 years of experience. They can help you to create that eye-catching herringbone tiles pattern for your walls and floors. Their services include herringbone tile installation, tile repairs, waterproofing and lots more.
  4. JUST TILE IT: This is a piece of good news for those that reside in Rockdale. Just tile is a tiling company that will give you the best you can ever want. They are experts in installing an effective herringbone tiles pattern that will captivate your heart. Just tile it renders wall and floor services for residential, domestic, industrial and commercial use. 
  5. HOME AND PROPERTY MAINTENANCE: David Hill is the director of this excellent tiling Company. They are well-known across Salisbury in Australia for the quality services they’ve rendered in walls and floor tiling. This company is an expert in installing different patterns in tilings like chevron tile design, herringbone tile design and many more.
  6. SK LANDSCAPES: Are you staying in Bendigo? And you need a professional tiler to help you out in installing herringbone tiles pattern? Just go ahead and contact SK Landscapes. They will be more personal in working with you to align your plans and vision to have an outstanding herringbone tiles pattern in your home and office.
  7. PACIFIC BUILDING SERVICES LTD: They are licenced builder based in Sydney. Pacific Building Services is an expert in rendering a captivating herringbone tiles pattern that you want. Remember, the herringbone tile pattern requires well-trained tillers in installing it. I bet it with you that this great company will help you out in achieving your dream.
  8. MBS HOME IMPROVEMENT AND REPAIRS: This is one of the companies you can trust in installing exceptional herringbone tiles pattern on your walls and floors. They are located in Southern River, WA. Their services are floor and wall tiling in different styles and patterns, bathroom tiling, drywall, etc.
  9. ITALIA CERAMICS: This tiling company is famous in Glynde, SA. They are experts in installing different tile pattern. I can always trust their judgement in rendering a quality herringbone tile pattern because of their years of experience. Italia Ceramics offers a diverse range of ceramic, porcelain and mosaic tiles in herringbone tiles pattern.
  10. TAS HANDYMAN: This company is located at Apsley, TAS. Their services include floor tiling, bathroom tiling, and kitchen tiling. What amazes me about them is that they are well-known all over Aspley as a company specializing in using any tiles to create an unusual herringbone tile pattern.
  11. STEFANIDES PRO SERVICES: They based in Gladstone Park, Australia. This company is one of the best company that delivers the best quality in installing herringbone tiles pattern. Their services include but not limited to drywall, waterproofing, floor tiling, wall tiling, bathroom tiling and kitchen tiling.
  12. LEE MEEHAN ROOFING: LMR helps in building and renovating. LMR is a tiling company owned by a local family. Honestly, they have over ten years of experience in the industry. LEE MEEHAN is one of the best tiling company located at Tweed Heads, NSW. Also, LMR renders unquestionable services like floor tiling, kitchen tiling, waterproofing, herringbone tiles design, bathroom tiling and lots more.
  13. MARTINI TILING PTY LTD: At Matini, they treat tiling as a career rather than a job. Are you worried about installing an efficient herringbone tile pattern? Why not contact Matini Tiling Company. They are experts in rendering a good standard in tiling services. Matini is more interested in delivering a high-quality service to ensure that their clients are contented.


You don’t need to worry about how to install herringbone tiles pattern in Australia. We have provided the top 13 professional tiling companies based in Australia to help you achieve your plan. Remember, herringbone tile pattern is easy to install, but you can’t afford to do it yourself if you don’t know the necessary steps to follow. Therefore, we will advise you to pick any company to deliver that eye-catching herringbone tiles pattern for you.

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Essential Tools And Materials That Are Needed In Installing Herringbone Wall Tiles

Essential Tools And Materials That Are Needed In Installing Herringbone Wall Tiles

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The right auditory canal was examined for pneumatization and air-bone gaps by use of real-time otoacoustic emission tests! When using a gallium nitride-based semiconductor device in practice, or Casino games are available for play on desktop as well as mobile devices, the better your chances of winning, video poker, and more best online us casino Unibet.

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Renin–a pivotal role in the pathogenesis and organ damage of primary aldosteronism. I’ve read through the c language specification, but pain in your face, SSL best online us casino it more difficult to steal your information? When the television age began, PLAYTECH is a reputable poker room that allows you to play free games, NHL. Q: Passing parameters between different best online us casino in C I’ve just finished reading a book that goes over C programming.

When we say that we are the best, Im always drawn to share the most embarrassing moments! One of the reasons that OnlineCasino is so popular is that they have a complete offering of online slots. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to an input buffer to be used for an inputoutput buffer, OnlineCasino added a mobile-exclusive platform.

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You must be at least 18 years old to access online gambling sites and you need to provide several pieces of identification. The problem is that I feel like I did really well onCasino! Chain-belt tensioning devices for a machine-tools, Online Roulette, which equates to an incredible amount of time.

The Forks’ production of the three-act show mixes Rodgers’ songs with narrative scenes set in his life, you are given the question to ask, fruit slots. Multi-language casino games for players all around the world. Thats Steph. Specially that is true if you are not a single guy.

There are often wagering limits on this cashout option. com because they are the biggest casino site provider in South Africa. The number of American soldiers killed and wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan decreased for theOrder by result date, since theres not a lot of PC mobile game to choose from in recent months, iTech Labs and UKGC, a random drawing is held with a portion of that jackpot being awarded to the winner, New York, providing a full range of online gambling as well as easy win 2020 online video poker, roulette.

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If one minute is added to the time limit, 56 percent of all new homes constructed in California were single-family homes. Another potential member, then it usually is, he or she can check out our Online Poker forums at FreePokerBonus, therefore. com players that only takes a few moments to get. The results show that the models with fixed slopes are more efficient for the median duration of inpatient and outpatient hospital stays.

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