How To Become Herringbone Tile Designer In Australia

Tiling requires strength, and it’s a physically demanding job. It involves power because it has to do with lifting and working with your hands. With that said, a high level of psychical fitness is needed. Not only that, for you to be a professional tiler, you also need a thorough understanding, good measurement skills, and mathematical skills. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. visit to know more about Herringbone Tile Designer in Australia.

Also, you might be wondering if you need to do extra pieces of training to be a professional herringbone tile designer. Although it is easy to install, it can only be an easy task for people who have taken more time to look into it deeply. However, Australia is a place where people love to use this herringbone tiles pattern because of its uniqueness. Therefore, learning how to install herringbone tiles patterns cannot be a waste. 

Based on research, Australians are looking for creative people that can invent something. Also, the herringbone tiles pattern is a unique style that virtually everyone would love to see in their homes.

Briefly, what is the meaning of herringbone? Herringbone patterns consist of an arrangement of rectangles or parallelograms in a repetitive way. However, the laying of herringbone tiles on the wall has been a severe issue for beginners and professional tilers because of its uniqueness and application style.

Therefore, I want to implore you to read this article carefully. Here, we will give you the details on how you can be a professional herringbone tile designer. Before I jump into details, let me highlight the benefits of becoming a herringbone tile designer.

  • You will be able to join the league of professional tilers in Australia.
  • Understand what makes the herringbone tile pattern to be different from other designs.
  • You will be able to install a herringbone tile pattern on your own.

Here is the story! I said earlier that tiling requires physical fitness, and not only that, it also requires some skills to achieve great success. Let’s ride! Are you willing to know the skills you must possess before becoming a professional herringbone tile designer? 


Below are the skills one need to possess to become a professional herringbone tile pattern designer:

  • Attention to detail
  • Eye for style and design
  • Physical strength
  • Mathematical skills
  • Creative skills

Here are the details:

  • Attention to detail: Before you can be a professional tiler specializing in herringbone tiles patterns, you must ensure that you are willing and ready to pay rapt attention to further information about the project. Often, some tilers failed in installing an outstanding herringbone tiles pattern because they cannot process or communicate with their clients properly. What are we saying in essence? 

The success behind installing a distinctive herringbone tiles pattern starts from knowing what the clients want. A tiler can misquote the client, and this will affect the quality of his job.

  • Eye for style and design: This skill is a background knowledge to become a professional tiler. To show your client that you are exceptional, you must possess an eye for style design. The process of installing an eye-catching herringbone tiles pattern starts from what you see with your eyes and then processes it with your brain to bring out a meaningful service. Hence, this attribute is highly essential.
  • Physical strength: Generally, tilers are people that are physically fit. Tiling requires a lot of energy. It involves carrying heavy objects like a tile cutter, tiles themselves, and every other material. However, the herringbone tiles pattern also requires strength because it does take a lot of time. Remember, the herringbone tiles pattern requires cutting tiles into rectangular pieces before laying them on the wall or floor.
  • Mathematical skills: You can’t be a tiler if you don’t have a good background in mathematics. Tiling involves calculation in knowing the number of tiles to be used in a particular place. It is usually measured in square meters. Thus, in installing a herringbone tiles pattern, your mathematical skills need to be sharp. How do I mean? 

Herringbone tiles pattern involves some certain level of degrees in installing them. For instance, you need to know how to use a set square at a 45-degree level to place your first tile at the intermediate point in installing a herringbone tile pattern. In addition, the second tile must be laid at a 90-degree level to the first one. Therefore, it’s a call for mathematical strength.

  • Creative skills: Herringbone tile pattern cannot be achieved without being creative. For instance, your creativity will work when you need to cut until you fit an edge or a tap hole. A man that is not creative enough can do all other jobs but not tiling. As a tiler in the making, it is expedient for you to be more creative than ever before.

Now, what are the materials and tools needed to become a professional herringbone tiles designer?

There’s no gainsaying about the fact that you’ll be needing the same tools and materials for other designs to install herringbone tiles pattern.  Below here are some materials you will need

  • A tile cutter
  • A trowel
  • A tile mastic
  • A spirit level
  • Set of square
  • Dust mask
  • Safety glasses
  • Sponge
  • Water

Then, what next? 

It would be best if you moved closer to professional tilers in Australia to put you through the practical aspect of installing herringbone wall tiles, herringbone floor tiles, and other designs that are coined and derived from herringbone. Countless professional tilers in Australia will expand your knowledge with their years of experience. Some of them are: 

  • Hammer and hoe property maintenance
  • Complete Creative Constructions
  • Rc Professional Tiling
  • Just Tile It
  • Sk Landscapes
  • Pacific Building Services Ltd
  • Mbs Home Improvement and Repairs
  • Italia Ceramics
  • Tas Handyman and many more.

Finally, nothing can stop you from achieving that wonderful dream of being a professional herringbone tile designer. We highlighted five basic skills/attributes you must possess to become a well-known herringbone tile designer in Australia.